Dartmoor Members Day – Horse Photography Workshop Saturday 25th May 2019

Dartmoor Members Day Horse Photography Workshop Saturday 25th May 2019

Join us for our first Dartmoor Members Day an intensive one day equestrian horse photography workshop of Clydesdale horses and Dartmoor ponies against the stunning backdrop of Dartmoor with its abundance of natural beauty and visual opportunities it offers.

The Dartmoor Members Day will give you the chance to explore the equestrian world of this breathtaking landscape during spring when the foliage and scenery is at its most stunning.

You will meet other like minded members where we can share ideas and learn the foundations of horse photography.

We will visit the home of Adventure Clydesdales, a unique company which offers memorable riding experiences across Dartmoor. We will photograph these majestic animals at liberty in the field with Dartmoor as the backdrop and also while they ride out across the open landscape.

We will also spend time out on Dartmoor taking photographs of Dartmoor ponies in their native moorland environment.

We’ll go close to the herds capturing the characters of the ponies with the distinct Dartmoor landscape as the backdrop.

The schedule will be flexible to accommodate the light and weather and the unique photo opportunities Dartmoor brings.

You can count on a wonderful day with new photography friendships made and diverse photo opportunities explored during this wonderful season on Dartmoor.

We will discuss in detail how to capture great images of horses including horse sense such as where to stand and how to capture the gaits at their best, and all the technical details required such as camera and equipment, settings, composition and light.

This workshop is for members only of Malcolm Snelgrove Photography.

Ultimately you will be inspired by what you learn and experience and you will come away from the workshop with a good knowledge of what to look for and how to go about capturing great pictures of horses so that you know how to turn mediocre shots into really special ones.

The itinerary for the Dartmoor Members Horse Photography Day.

Gather by 8:20am www.brimptsfarm.co.uk Breakfast / Introductions and discussion of plans for the day.

Presentation by Malcolm on Horse Photography going into greater detail on the topics covered within his eGuide “How to Photograph Horses”.

We’ll then head out to capture images of the Clydesdales where Malcolm will explain in a live environment the fundamentals of horse photography and what he looks for and considers when setting up a shoot.

We will then return to Brimpts Farm for lunch and further discussions.

After lunch we will head out to a couple of locations to capture images of the Dartmoor Ponies in their native environment.

We will then return to Brimpts Farm for Tea & Coffee

Followed by Post processing – Where Malcolm will discuss his postprocessing methods using Adobe Lightroom but will share the key points that all post processing software have that you should focus on.

Breakfast, Lunch, Tea & Coffee is included – Please bring water or soft drinks for when we are out on Dartmoor

Please NOTE as photographers NO riding of the Clydesdales is done by us but you are welcome to book a ride separately.

The price for this special members day is £59.50 per person (Breakfast, Lunch, refreshments and Tuition)

Please book online below.