Foundation to Photographing Horses Online Members a Years Membership

Foundation to Photographing Horses Online Members a Years Membership

Welcome to my Foundation online membership an online members area covering everything you need to get started and develop your horse photography skills.

This Foundation Membership is ideal for the beginner and advanced horse photographer wishing to develop their skills in equestrian photography.

We will start the launch year of 2019 with access to my beginner’s eGuide “How to Photograph Horses”. A 39 page eGuide that is straight to the point in which equipment you need and what camera settings and angles you should use to get started. Then throughout 2019 I will produce short additional guides or videos explaining the topics in greater detail on at least a monthly basis.

I love nothing more than to see people developing their horse photography skills. So I am very happy for you to email me a topic you are struggling with and I will explain this for you in one of my updates. Helping you to build a library of reference material throughout the year.

During the year I will cover in detail how to capture great images of horses including horse sense such as where to stand and how to capture the gaits at their best, and all the technical details required such as camera and equipment, settings, composition and light.

My aim has always been to demystify some of the technical aspects of photography and how they apply to horse photography which is far more than just your camera settings.

All my images or videos will be using real life models and situations, so you get to see how I would handle any given photo shoot.

Ultimately, I hope you will be inspired by what you learn and achieve a good knowledge of what to look for and how to go about capturing great images of horses so that you know how to turn mediocre shots into really special ones. (100% money back guarantee)

By becoming a Foundation Member, I hope you will be joining a small community of likeminded horse photographers who would like to develop their skills and this membership will enable you to have access to reference material throughout the year.

You will also have access to my private Facebook group where you can share images captured and interact with myself directly and other members who are on the same journey.

Join us on what will be a fun and informative journey of learning how to photograph horses.

As 2019 is my launch year I have a Special offer for anyone joining in January 2019 of only a £19.99 investment, the normal investment is £49.99 per year which the membership will change to from year two (should you decide to maintain your membership with me).

I offer a 100% money back guarantee if you do not feel at any stage the membership is for you or you do not like my style! I will refund your membership.

No hidden costs or charges just hopefully a community that enjoys learning not just from myself but also others in the group.

I look forward to you joining us soon.

Click to register for Foundation Membership How to Photograph Horses

Click to register for Foundation Membership How to Photograph Horses